Douglas Clegg

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Stand-Alone Novels of Suspense, Horror and the Supernatural
Afterlife Breeder The Children’s Hour Dark of the Eye Goat Dance The Halloween Man Hello Goodbye Yes No The Hour Before Dark Mr. Darkness Naomi Neverland You Come When I Call You

The Vampyricon Trilogy

Dark Fantasy Epic of Sword, Sorcery & Vampires
Signed Vampyricon Deluxed Edition The Priest of Blood The Lady of Serpents The Queen of Wolves The Vampyricon

The Harrow Series

The House of Infinite Hauntings, No Cliff-Hangers
Ghost Game Isis The Necromancer Nightmare House Mischief The Infinite The Abandoned Harrow: Three Novels Harrow: Four Novels

The Criminally Insane Series

Page-Turning Suspense & Chills
Bad Karma Red Angel Night Cage Criminally Insane: The Series

The Dark Coming of Age Series

Short Novels of Dark Awakenings & Horror
The Attraction Purity The Words Coming of Age

The Chronicles of Mordred

Arthurian Fantasy: Alternative, Dark, Legendary — with a Twist
Mordred, Bastard Son Mordred, Dragon Prince

Short Novels

Dark Books of Horror, Fantasy & Suspense — 110-195 Pages in Length
The Attraction The Dark Game Dinner with the Cannibal Sisters Isis The Necromancer Purity The Words The World on Butterfly

Novelettes & Short Story Singles

Belinda in the Pool Funerary Rites The Stain


Lights Out Night Asylum The Nightmare Chronicles Wild Things

Box Sets

Multiple Books, Special Savings
Bad Places: Three Novels Dark Rooms: Three Novels Halloween Chillers Night Towns: Three Novels Coming of Age Lights Out Criminally Insane: The Series The Vampyricon Harrow: Three Novels Harrow: Four Novels