Douglas Clegg
Wild Things
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Wild Things

From award-winning Douglas Clegg comes a special quartet of stories dealing with creatures of the wild— wolf, bird, and the most terrifying of beasts: the human variety.

The Wolf

A hunter guides a younger man up a mountain to track down the creature that has been slaughtering in the valley below.

The American

At a late-night cafe in Rome, foreigners gather. On this particular night a stranger steps out of the shadowy park to sit at the sidewalk tables and speak of love — and murder.

A Madness of Starlings

A father, teaching his children about protection from the predators of life, takes in a fledgling bird. But when it’s time for the bird to fly away, the forces of nature begin to come undone…

The Dark Game

A war hero and his men are captured and taken into a prison camp. There, tortures and torments await them, but the man named Gordon Raglan embraces the darkness…

“Clegg shows how the bestial aspects of horror and humanity are interchangeable in this quartet of psychological suspense stories….riveting reading.” — Publishers Weekly