Douglas Clegg

The Necromancer

In Trade Paperback & Ebook

“A cross between the Marquis de Sade and Charles Dickens…Scintillatingly brilliant.”*

Love shows like Taboo, Game of Thrones, with their dark seamy underbelly of history or alternate history? Enjoy historical fiction with a bit of supernatural and occult woven through? You’re sure to delight in devilish, The Necromancer. Note: Not for the faint of heart.

Occult societies, murder, brothels, London, and a young debauched Victorian on the loose…Justin Gravesend, who would later in life build the house called Harrow, was once an innocent Welsh lad in Victorian London…until he crossed the road to the night side of town…

Genre: Horror, gothic thriller, coming of age, Victoriana, occult, suspense, supernatural fiction, short novel, novella, prequel. This book is 196 pages in its first trade paperback edition (now available as well as in ebook).

Read Some Reviews – If You Dare!

“Readers will find themselves enthralled by the early life and lessons of young Justin Gravesend…There is a richness to the prose in this book reminiscent of ‘The Confessions of an Opium Eater’ penned so long ago. Side by side, they might have been written by contemporaries, and that is the magic of Clegg’s prose in this volume.” — Reviews.

*”…Like reading a cross between the Marquis DeSade and Charles Dickens.. [Clegg’s] prose is scintillatingly brilliant in parts and I was sucked right into this squalid tale of black magic. …the book is worth this little gem of horror literature…” – Alternative Reality Webzine.

“Justin Gravesend’s story is one of perversity and debauchery and his embracing of it. Clegg does not back away from the more unsavory elements, yet keeps the language of the time (presumably the late 1800s), so that sometimes it felt as if I were reading something from Boccaccio or the like. ‘The Necromancer’ is never anything less than compelling, and I finished this relatively short tale in two sittings.” – Craig’s Book Club Reviews.