Douglas Clegg

Night Cage

Now in Trade Paperback & eBook

The Criminally Insane Series, Book Three

Love the page-turning thrills of James Patterson, the horror of Thomas Harris, the chills of serial killer fiction? Night Cage and the Criminally Insane series may be for you. Each novel has a very slight paranormal twist to it.

He only feels safe in his cage

They are the most dangerous mother-son serial killer team in history. “Bloody Mary” Chilmark is certifiable – just ask her doctor. The Darden State Hospital is home to the most dangerous psychopathic killers in the country. But Bloody Mary got out, and raised her baby away from that bad environment. And now, he’s all grown up…

But if he escapes, you’ll never feel safe again

As fires rage in the hills above the hospital, Bloody Mary and her son “Doc” are on a murdering rampage in southern California. Who will stop them?