Douglas Clegg

Dark of the Eye

First time in trade paperback & ebook

Psychic Horror Thriller with A Twist

If you love the supernatural fiction of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, or Guillermo del Toro, you’re sure to enjoy this page-turning novel of chills and thrills. Genre Categories: Thriller, suspense, psychological, paranormal, horror, science fiction, gothic novel.This novel is 438 pages in its print edition.

Trust No One

Is Kate Stewart going mad? Or is someone after her only child?

A Mother Kidnaps Her Own Daughter

On the run, Kate drives the backroads of California to get her daughter Hope as far away from home as possible. She’ll do anything to protect her little girl. Including murder…

In this supernatural thriller from NY Times bestselling author Douglas Clegg, a child named Hope becomes the pawn in a game of power – and horror. Cursed with extraordinary – and dangerous – psychic abilities, she’s no longer safe. Not since a terrible accident…

*”An omnibus of unexpected horrors!” — Publisher’s Weekly