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Ghost Game

Friday, August 4th, 2017

Upcoming Novel

New in the Harrow Series

Supernatural Horror, Ghost, Haunting, Literary, Dark, Gothic

Roughly 300 or so pages in print.

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About the Book

Harry Morehouse, a self-conflicted college professor, has a secret he keeps from others ever since an incident of guilt and shame as a child and a nightmarish moment in his teen years.  But now, much older, he meets a captivating woman who shares one particular obsession with him.

Her name is Claudia Ballard  and she belongs to a club of people who love a good ghost story.

And that’s where the trouble begins…

Claudia’s group plans annual gatherings at places of special interest to the Houndstooth Irregulars, including Borley Rectory in England, or Lizzie Borden’s house in Massachusetts, or the Winchester House in California, Bog Farm in New Hampshire…

This jovial weekend of like-minded fans of the paranormal can be quite stuffy:  a bottle of tawny port, a good Stilton, Cuban cigars, a crackling fire…and a weekend of ghost stories.

But this year, it’s different.

This year, they’re at Harrow.

Author Note: You might be able to tell by the cover of this novel that it’s a bit outside the first four novels of Harrow. Officially this is book number 5, but when Harrow is a place of infinite hauntings, how do you really number books? As a series, Harrow is more shared world hauntings than a 1-2-3-4 series. There are no cliff-hangers in Harrow, every novel and novella is its own stand-alone.

Each of the Harrow books is connected to the house in some way but each is also a very different kind of novel of the supernatural. The only truly continuing character is Harrow itself.  Although the novels consist of two prequel short novels/novellas, and five novels (including Ghost Game) they can all be read in any order you wish because of the way the series is set up.  

Ghost Game is a contemporary supernatural horror novel.

I’ve decided with some of the Harrow novels to broaden their reach a bit, but always arriving at or returning to Harrow for that extra click of the supernatural. For the purist who only wants to read a ghost story set entirely at the haunted house, this is not the book for you but others in the series definitely should meet with your interest.

If you didn’t really get into the Harrow series but enjoy a ghost story, this might be the book for you.

I’ve always felt Harrow stories were more about haunted lives that happen to cross paths with this particular house at some point  — and that’s what feeds the spirits of the house.


Douglas Clegg -

Signed Vampyricon Deluxed Edition

Monday, February 27th, 2017

Want the deluxe limited edition of The Vampyricon in print?

Sold Out, Out-of-Print, Brand New, Contains Illustrations and “Lost Scenes.”

While this special edition was out-of-print and sold out long before its recent publication date, we have several for sale.


Currently we’re selling them for $240 each, including U.S. Media Mail economy shipping. Price is subject to change based on the rarity of this edition. These are PC copies (publisher copies), which in the case of this edition, makes it even more collectible.

In another country or prefer Priority Mail U.S. or another delivery service? We’ll calculate your shipping charges etc., which you’d need to pay when you purchase your book. Be aware that this is an oversized and heavy deluxe edition so shipping other than economy U.S. will get pricey.

Want it personally inscribed to you by Doug? Let us know.

For details, email us:

These are brand-new editions that have not been read or flipped through. In fact, they’re still in their sealed bubble wrap protectors, straight from the publisher’s offices.


We predict this will remain a major collector’s item based on its exquisite production values and the never-before-seen, never-again-to-be-published deleted scenes and of course because it’s already out-of-print with a very low initial print run.

If you’re interested in getting one of these beauties for your shelf, just email and we’ll let you know how to proceed from there.

We have a very limited number of copies in our hands, so grab it while you can.

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The Vampyricon trilogy by Douglas Clegg has been hailed as “richly layered, beautifully rendered” and “a work of dark, delightful vision” by readers and reviewers alike. For the first-time ever the complete text will be available to collectors in a single volume as the latest deluxe special edition from Lonely Road Books.

vampyriconLimited02 Consisting of three full-length novels — The Priest of Blood, The Lady of Serpents, and The Queen of Wolves — this isn’t just a simple reprinting of Clegg’s classic vampire trilogy.

Not only did the author give the complete manuscript one last pass to tweak the text to his liking, but he discovered 50 pages of never before published “deleted scenes” and “lost material” that are included in a special addendum exclusive to this volume.


This massive special edition also contains original artwork by Erin S. Wells and other special features to make it unique from the previous versions of these novels.

With the low print run and hand-crafted production values, this is certain to be a huge hit among collectors.


About the Special Features:

With an oversized page size and an extremely low print run, The Vampyricon by Douglas Clegg was designed with the ultimate collector in mind.


  • Each edition features a deluxe binding selected from the finest materials available.
  • The Limited Edition is housed in a custom-made slipcase.
  • Each edition features color and black & white artwork.

Like the previous Lonely Road Books releases, all of the available copies of this deluxe collectible were reserved very quickly and sold out pre-publication.


This is a limited edition of 300 deluxe copies signed by the author on a specially illustrated signature page, bound in a deluxe material with a bound-in ribbon page marker, featuring color and black & white artwork, and housed in a custom-made slipcase.



The Attraction

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Now in trade paperback & ebook

Road Trip Horror Creature Feature

200 pages in its print edition, The Attraction is a drive-in movie-style horror chiller of roadside terror.

The Attraction by Douglas Clegg. Print Edition, Alkemara Press.The signs along the desert highway read Come See the Mystery! But some mysteries should remain buried forever — like the terrifying creature at the back of the Brakedown Palace Gas & Sundries Emporium.

Read the Reviews – If You Dare!

“…A vivid story that will separate the timid from their sleep and the bold from their complacency whenever they next visit a sideshow or museum mummy display!” – Midwest Book Review.

“A terrifying quick punch of horror…” – Alternate Reality Web Zine Reviews.

“I couldn’t put this book down. It grabbed me on the first page and wouldn’t let go…The story moves at an incredible rate and never lags.” – Horror World Reviews.

Don’t Pick Up Any Strangers


Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

First Time in Trade Paperback

She broke the law of the Dead…but at what price?

If you love the fiction of Daphne du Maurier, Susan Hill, Shirley Jackson, Edgar Allan Poe, and other dark gothics with ghost stories, you are sure to enjoy the novella, Isis.

From Publishers Weekly:

“Clegg (The Abandoned) expands the burgeoning backstory of his multivolume Harrow haunted house saga with this poignant chamber tragedy involving young Iris Catherine Villiers (who, as an adult, will become Isis Claviger, oracle of the spook-ridden Hudson Valley academy)…This potent novella, one of Clegg’s best, is both a stand-alone triumph and a powerful new chapter in his evolving series.”

From Fangoria:

“…a story of love, loss and longing…told with the beautiful prose of an old-fashioned Gothic era.”

From The Strand magazine:

“Haunting yet poignant, Isis is a work that should firmly place Clegg among the all-stars of horror such as Straub, Machen, LeFanu, and Stoker.”

From NY Times Bestselling Author R.L. Stine (Goosebumps):

“‘Never sleep there, for the dead enter your dreams.’ Those frightening words froze me to the page. And when Isis dares to open the doors to the Tombs, I knew the dark legends and terrors of this book would stay in my dreams for a long, long time.”

From Christine Feehan, New York Times bestselling author:

“Douglas Clegg’s Isis is a haunting beauty of a tale as chilling and dark as the shadows on an October night.”

From Cemetery Dance Magazine:

“…a literary work for the ages. This story is Clegg at his absolute best. . . . lovely and powerful and profound. . . . a story that will live on for decades”

  • Other novels in this genre that would have similar readerships though different books, obviously: The Haunting of Hill House, Hell House, The Woman in Black, Ghost Story, The Shining, Haunted.
  • Movies, also similar audience (if different story): The Innocents, The Others, The Haunting, The Woman in Black.

The Necromancer

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

In Trade Paperback & Ebook

“A cross between the Marquis de Sade and Charles Dickens…Scintillatingly brilliant.”*

Love shows like Taboo, Game of Thrones, with their dark seamy underbelly of history or alternate history? Enjoy historical fiction with a bit of supernatural and occult woven through? You’re sure to delight in devilish, The Necromancer. Note: Not for the faint of heart.

Occult societies, murder, brothels, London, and a young debauched Victorian on the loose…Justin Gravesend, who would later in life build the house called Harrow, was once an innocent Welsh lad in Victorian London…until he crossed the road to the night side of town…

Genre: Horror, gothic thriller, coming of age, Victoriana, occult, suspense, supernatural fiction, short novel, novella, prequel. This book is 196 pages in its first trade paperback edition (now available as well as in ebook).

Read Some Reviews – If You Dare!

“Readers will find themselves enthralled by the early life and lessons of young Justin Gravesend…There is a richness to the prose in this book reminiscent of ‘The Confessions of an Opium Eater’ penned so long ago. Side by side, they might have been written by contemporaries, and that is the magic of Clegg’s prose in this volume.” — Reviews.

*”…Like reading a cross between the Marquis DeSade and Charles Dickens.. [Clegg’s] prose is scintillatingly brilliant in parts and I was sucked right into this squalid tale of black magic. …the book is worth this little gem of horror literature…” – Alternative Reality Webzine.

“Justin Gravesend’s story is one of perversity and debauchery and his embracing of it. Clegg does not back away from the more unsavory elements, yet keeps the language of the time (presumably the late 1800s), so that sometimes it felt as if I were reading something from Boccaccio or the like. ‘The Necromancer’ is never anything less than compelling, and I finished this relatively short tale in two sittings.” – Craig’s Book Club Reviews.





Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

In Trade Paperback, Audiobook, & Ebook

There is No Madness but the Madness of the Gods

Short novel of 150 pages in its print edition.

In Purity, the darkest force is love. From award-winning author Douglas Clegg comes a dark psychological thriller of dangerous obsession. This is one of Clegg’s bestselling and most popular novellas of suspense.

There is No Purity but the Purity of Love

“Douglas Clegg turns the screws dexterously in this sleek, multifaceted suspense story…in a vacation paradise saturated in alcohol, entitlement and hypocrisy…”—Publisher’s Weekly

Purity by Douglas Clegg in print from Alkemara Press

The Words

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

First Time in Trade Paperback

The Horror Begins When You Say the Words…

The Words - Trade Paperback - Douglas Clegg130 pages in print, The Words is the second book of the Dark Coming of Age series.*

When Mark befriends outsider Dash, he believes his new friend to be an outcast rebel. But Dash leads Mark into a world of endless night where a ritual of darkness leads to terror…a Lovecraftian of the terrors of devotion.

A Short Novel of Friendship, Gods and Monsters


Coming of Age

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

In Hardcover, Paperback, and Ebook

Face of Innocence, Mind of Monster


The box set of the Coming of Age short novels. A triple-feature bundle of suspense thrillers – Purity, The Words, and The Attraction!

Coming of Age: Three Dark Novellas by Douglas Clegg, Print EditionPurity

In Purity, the darkest force is love. From award-winning author Douglas Clegg comes a twisting, dark psychological thriller of dangerous obsession. “Douglas Clegg turns the screws dexterously in this sleek, multifaceted suspense story…in a vacation paradise saturated in alcohol, entitlement and hypocrisy…” — Publisher’s Weekly

The Words

In The Words, two young men discover a secret world of monsters…When teenager Mark befriends outsider Dash, he believes his new friend to be an outcast rebel. But a dark mystery unfolds as Dash leads Mark into dangerous games and rituals that allow them to see into another world — a world of absolute darkness and terror.

The Attraction

The Attraction is a drive-in movie-style horror chiller of roadside terror! The signs along the desert highway read Come See the Mystery! But some mysteries should remain buried forever… “Clegg takes the idea of a cheapjack tourist hustle for a decrepit gas station in middle-of-nowhere Arizona and turns it into a terrifying quick punch of horror…” – Alternate Reality Web Zine Reviews.


Bad Karma

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

In Hardcover, Paperback, Ebook, and Audiobook

The Criminally Insane Series, Book One

Love the page-turning thrills of James Patterson, the horror of Thomas Harris, the chills of gripping serial killer fiction? Bad Karma and the Criminally Insane series may be for you. Bad Karma is 364 pages in print and Douglas Clegg’s most enduringly popular bestselling suspense thriller.

The Most Dangerous Inmate Just Escaped…

“Take a mental hospital, a weary psychiatrist suffering from nightmares he doesn’t understand, and a killer as chilling as they come, and you’ve got a sleek, smooth, and constantly surprising page-turner…” — Ed Gorman, bestselling author of The Marilyn Tapes and The Poker Club.

Red Angel

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Now in Trade Paperback & eBook

The Criminally Insane Series, Book Tw0

Love the page-turning thrills of James Patterson, the horror of Thomas Harris, the chills of serial killer fiction? Red Angel and the Criminally Insane series may be for you! Each novel has a very slight paranormal twist to it.

Do You Know Who He is on the Inside?

Among the neighborhoods full of lovely palm trees and clear blue swimming pools of California, a new killer is hunting. Pursued by rookie cop Jane Laymon and psychologist Trey Campbell, this murderer’s pathology may be linked to inmate Michael Scoleri — AKA Abraxas — at the Darden State Hospital for Criminal Justice. Do they communicate with their minds?