Douglas Clegg
Red Angel
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Red Angel

The Criminally Insane Series, Book Tw0

Love the page-turning thrills of James Patterson, the horror of Thomas Harris, the chills of serial killer fiction? Red Angel and the Criminally Insane series may be for you! Each novel has a very slight paranormal twist to it.

He won’t show you who he is on the inside…until it’s too late

Among the neighborhoods full of lovely palm trees and clear blue swimming pools of California, a new killer is hunting. Pursued by rookie cop Jane Laymon and psychologist Trey Campbell, this murderer’s pathology may be linked to inmate Michael Scoleri — AKA Abraxas — at the Darden State Hospital for Criminal Justice. Do they communicate with their minds?

A Relentless Psychopath is Loose

Called the Red Angel killer he is hunted by rookie cop Jane Laymon and Trey Campbell.