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Douglas Clegg circa late 2013, from the Perseus/Medusa room in the Villa Diodati

Douglas Clegg is the New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of dark fiction (including horror, gothic, fantasy, supernatural, and suspense thrillers.)

His books have been published worldwide and translated into various editions. His short fiction has won the Bram Stoker Award, the International Horror Guild Award and the Shocker Award, and has been included in several Years’ Best anthologies.

Recently, he wrote a new introduction for Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for the Signet Classics edition, and his short novella, Dinner with the Cannibal Sisters, and the novelette Funerary Rites are the latest of his works to be published.


The author about age 14Doug began writing fiction the same time he learned to write his name, and kept busy typing stories by the age of eight.   He did other things, too — wandered the woods, canoed, swam, played a little basketball, hung out with friends, delivered newspapers, and even worked at the Smithsonian as a teenager, in their then-fledgling Insect Zoo.

He wrote his first novella-length work at 17, called Asylum.

He worked other jobs after graduating from Washington & Lee University with a degree in English Literature, in the worlds of publishing, bookselling and television.


Clegg’s first novel, Goat Dance, was published in 1989 by Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Books — launching Clegg’s career as a novelist.

He has seen more than 30 books published within a span of 25 years, as well as more than 40 short stories.

In addition to his current novel-in-progress, he has been finishing up a variety of novellas and short stories.



Douglas Clegg, recent photo In early 1999, Douglas Clegg launched the internet’s (and world’s) first  e-serial novel. Called Naomi, Clegg later went on to sell both hardcover and paperback rights.

In 2000, Clegg’s short novel Purity became one of the most-downloaded fiction ebooks on the internet  at the time.

In 2001, Purity became the America’s first fiction to appear on a cell phone for reading — and was nicknamed an M-Book at the time (for Mobile).

Still, Clegg is partial to books that happen to be in print, though he’s owned ebook devices since the year 2000 when he got the very first one ever made, the Rocket eBook Reader. And that one still works.


Author Photo circa 1991Douglas Clegg went into a bit of creative hiding over the past six years, during which he has worked on five separate novels (including Museum of the Innocents, The Nightcomer, My Father’s Mistress and Mr. Darkness), as well as  various short novels/novellas (including The Marriage of Figaro, Bring Me the Head of Marie Antoinette, and The Chateau of Devils) for upcoming publication.

He wrote these in private simply because, “I’d been writing for publication since my twenties. After nearly three decades, I felt my publishing schedule needed a breather. There’s a downside to this (no new books coming out), but the upside is: I could expand my fiction into new areas in a very private and even primal way. Additionally, I like the idea of taking 6 or 7 years to create fiction that can be published over a 6-10 year period thereafter while I continue writing a bit ahead of the curve.”

He lives with his husband of 27+ years, Raul Silva, near the coast of New England in a house called Stonehaven, which they share with a small menagerie.

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Doug’s fiction has won the Bram Stoker Award, the International Horror Guild Award, and the Shocker Award.

Clegg’s novels have been translated into French, Croatian, Hungarian, Spanish, Czech, German, Russian, Norwegian, Greek, among others.