Douglas Clegg
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Horror has a new baby

Love horror novels by Stephen King, Ira Levin, John Saul, Robert R. McCammon, or Clive Barker? You’re sure to enjoy Breeder, a supernatural novel of unborn horror!

Once known as “the Screaming House,” the beautiful Washington, D.C. townhouse has a history of black magic, voodoo — and murder. What a perfect home for a nice young couple to start a family.

From Douglas Clegg, award-winning author of The Hour Before Dark and The Children’s Hour, comes a nightmarish vision of Washington, D.C. where a new horror is born within the walls of an ancient house — haunted by a diabolical ritual and a terrifying legacy of the past.

Genre: Horror, gothic thriller, suspense, urban supernatural fiction. This novel was 372 pages in its hardcover edition.

John Saul Says:

“A white knuckle read from beginning to end – Clegg delivers!”

“The tension seldom flags as this tale builds to a grisly, suspense-filled climax. As in Goat Dance, his first book, Clegg pulls out the stops of terror…” – Publisher’s Weekly