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Statues and Me

Thursday, March 12th, 2020

I always wanted to live inside an art gallery, a museum with comfortable chairs, or a New York hotel with a lobby full of paintings and statues…so it’s fun having these and other statues around on various shelves and tables in our home.

The faun, which is a replica of the famous statue that survived Pompeii’s destruction, was likely made in a shop between 1946 and 1955 (based on the person who owned it previously). It would be a museum souvenir kind of thing and I think these are still sold in Naples in varying sizes. This is a well-detailed one.

In the photograph’s foreground stands a larger statue of a blacksmith, This would’ve made made under the supervision of its original sculptor, though this is a casting off the original or possibly a diminutive version of the original (though this is one of the taller metal statues we own, at about four feet.)

Statues of a faun and a blacksmith,