Douglas Clegg


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The Harrow Series, Book Two

If you’re a fan of  movies and novels of haunted schools and the students within them, as well as the works of Shirley Jackson, Peter Straub, and Stephen King, you’re sure to enjoy the supernatural horror of Mischief.

In Mischief, the horror of Harrow is reborn — as Harrow Academy, a private school for boys. A dark fraternity exists within Harrow — and it wants new blood…

Whispers of Ghosts

The mansion overlooks the Hudson River, just outside the town of Watch Point, New York. And Jim Hook, should never have come to Harrow Academy…because he may be the new key to unlocking the terrors of the house.

A Secret Society of Night

Within the walls, something horrifying awaits Jim…a haunting more disturbing than any other…

Each novel and prequel in this series is a different kind of supernatural horror novel, from quiet gothic (Isis, Nightmare House) to classic hauntings (Mischief, The Infinite) to the all-hell-breaks loose, not for the faint of heart of The Abandoned.