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The Zombie book! What the…

Well, there’s some news here…

First, I still offer a free ebook. Just a different one.

After 9+ years of giving away copies of The Saddest Little Zombie, its illustrator and I have decided it’s high time to launch it in print and as a paid ebook for the various bookstore platforms. Shocking, I know.

You’ve had 9 years to grab it here but…it’s not longer a freebie.

I know. We’re sad, too. Sad as a zombie on Christmas night.

But here’s a free ebook of mine and how to get it:

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The Saddest Little Zombie, a Christmas Tale by Douglas Clegg, with copious illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne.

It’s high time Tommy Tommy Tomby, the saddest little Zombie got under the covers…


More news soon.