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Buy me a coffee.Buy me a coffee.  A supportive tip jar and a direct sales area for special ebooks.

Become a Patron? With Patreon, I put out new fiction first (as well as raw audio) before any other reader sees it. You’re only charged when I send a new story or serialized story out (depending on which member tier you choose). I’ll be sending once a month at the most (and often less than once a month.)

Both the coffee and patreon options are cheap—often cheaper than a cup of coffee at your local Starbucks—but every penny in support via and goes toward some aspect of the writing and publication of new fiction.

For example, your support may go to: cover design, proofreading, copy editing, production, audio, translation, and ultimately, it allows me to create and publish the fiction I write.

The freedom to create is a huge and undeserved freedom.

I do not take it for granted. Nor do I take your support for granted.

I will do my utmost to create my best fiction for your reading pleasure.

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Thank you again for your support.