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Disclosures and Privacy Policy

My privacy policy is simple:

I keep your information private.


When you subscribe to my newsletter, Douglas Clegg News, my site uses Mailchimp (my newsletter service provider) to collect information from visitors, such as email addresses, mailing addresses, and names for giveaways or mailing lists. I take every precaution I can to protect this information and I do not share it with other authors or services. and my newsletter Douglas Clegg News have been running since 1999 and have always had some kind of bookstore affiliate advertising (Amazon, B&N, etc.) and often Google Analytics was installed.

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I use a service called Payhip for my direct sales platform for readers. I do this for two reasons:

1. I want those readers who specifically want to read the ebooks DRM-Free to be able to grab them here.

2. Payhip has the infrastructure to build apps and other delivery networks and to keep all of your personal data safe. At no time am I given credit card information for any purchase made. All I get is an email address to know that you purchased something on Payhip from my store.

I hope you’ll buy ebooks directly from my Payhip store once you get used to side loading ebooks on your eReading devices.

Other Disclosures

Related to Google Analytics, Facebook, and Bookstore Affiliate Memberships


My site uses Google products & Analytics to give me data about the visitors here. This includes cookies, demographic data, and behavior on the site. It will tell me, for example, how many people came to my site from Facebook or visited on a mobile device.

I never get individual information. I get numbers, just so I can see how is drawing traffic. I use this data to make my site better and more user-friendly for its frequent users. It also helps me see if any spam attacks are aimed at my site so I can take care of that, too.

If you are at all concerned about your browsing behavior being used by Google, please consider their opt-out options here:

To read’s OWN privacy policy, go here:



My site includes use of the Facebook pixel which can be used to serve you ads on your social media based on your browsing behavior. Facebook’s pixel also helps me be better about any advertising I send out (via Facebook ads from to make sure it only goes to people who are interested in what I have to offer.  Neither Facebook nor I want to spam anyone, of course. Again, like other tracking software, I never get individual information or data, just group data to see trends.

Also, though I use Facebook’s ad services, I am not an employee of Facebook nor do I have any affiliation with their company. They also have no affiliation with the content on this site.

If you want to opt out of Facebook ads, visit and manage the companies you receive advertising from. You will need to do this for each browser.

To read Facebook’s statement on how they use their information, go here:



This website includes links to bookstores, and these include affiliate/associate links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iTunes/iBooks.

Douglas Clegg and are participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

When you click a link on this site and it takes you to Amazon, I am using an affiliate link. This is a link that allows Amazon to pay me a small commission (about 4-8%) on the items you purchased on Amazon from this site. I do not work for Amazon, nor do they approve or have any affiliation with the content here. They are merely rewarding this site for driving traffic to their site. Again, I am not given any individual information, I don’t get names or emails or any information about you.

My reports show me what items were purchased from referrals on my site and what I’m getting paid. Again, these monies are used to help defray the cost of hosting & updating this website, and for running the free email newsletter. Affiliate monies earned do not affect your price or cost on Amazon, but are  paid entirely by Amazon.

This is also true of the other bookstores mentioned above — all of them have affiliate links on and operate in a similar fashion.

This site also has affiliate relationships with Commission Junction for Barnes & Noble, Rakuten for Kobo, and iTunes for iBooks. They operate along similar lines as the Amazon Associates program.

Please know you can trust your information that you give to me, and if you are ever concerned about any of this, let me know. You can email me at

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