Douglas Clegg

What Does “Buy Direct” Mean?

How an Ebook Sale Breaks Down

With most of the online booksellers, the author/publisher loses between 32-48% more royalties on book sales to the store.

Look for the Buy Direct link on the Book pages at

“Buy Direct” Works Well for Both of Us

A Buy Direct store on my website allows the service providers to take a total of about 17-20% away, between credit card processing, monthly fees, etc.

Because my profit as a writer/publisher is better this way, when you choose Buy Direct, I can offer a discount to my newsletter subscribers.

Now I don’t expect you to not buy from any bookstore you love buying books from. I wouldn’t suggest that. I love those bookstores. I have friends in those businesses.

But when you think of it, come by, use the Code, and pick up a few ebooks at discount.

Thank you for supporting my fiction.

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