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Online Coupons & General Buy Links for Readers & Others

This is just a page for newsletter subscribers and Facebook page friends to find special deals or if looking for a reading tablet/device at online bookstores. Read for entertainment, read for wit, read morning, noon and night.

Any deals below are usually timed with an end-date, so check them out to make sure you are within the deadline range. I’ll update them where possible, but I always miss a few.



At Barnes & Noble

Check begin & end date on this first one:

Take 20% Off Any Item With Code DECEMBER20

Nook Tablets and eReaders Starting at $119.99

At Amazon

Not all these are discounts but worth looking at, particularly this time of you.

My favorites for giving people far away insta-gifts is this:

Shop Amazon Gift Cards. Any Occasion. No Expiration.

And the audible intro deal is really a great reason to try (and 11 of my books are in audiobook):

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

Here’s other stuff. Check for the discounts on some. I’m always pushing e-readers on people. I still read print books, but I think a good e-reader device or tablet is indispensible (for reading during hospital waits or stays, waiting in lines, while traveling, boring motel rooms, airports, buses, lazing in bed, out in the yard…and everywhere.)

12 Days of Deals Primary Landing Page (not all book related, but might as well check it out. Because, well, Christmas, Yule, Hannuka, etc.
Shop Amazon Devices – All New Kindle 6-inch

Shop Amazon – Our Best-Selling Kindle – Now Even Better

Shop Amazon – Get the New Kindle Fire HDX Tablet

My favorite of Amazon’s non-book stuff (although this includes books) is the Gold Box:

Shop Amazon Gold Box – New Deals. Everyday