Douglas Clegg
The World on Butterfly

The World on Butterfly


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Paradise, Found

Every year they flew, painting the skies with summer beauty.  It was the gardens that attracted them, particularly the garden up behind the stone wall at the Raleigh house,  high on a hill overlooking down.

A Golden Age

Celebrities showed up to our little town, tourists from all over the country and sometimes from other countries, too. Summer concerts, a Butterfly Festival, a carnival with a ferris wheel that went so high you could almost touch the butterflies as they descended the sky, a parade — and love.

Beneath the Beauty, Darkness?

What attracted the butterflies each year? Why had this suddenly begun when the Raleigh’s moved in? Where, among its many-acred garden of eden, orchestras played, partners danced, and the fragrance of love itself filled the air?

A novella of approximately 120 pages, coming soon. Cover art by