Douglas Clegg

Upcoming Stories? What? Where? When? How?

May 12th, 2019

Dear Friend, Newsletter Subscriber, Reader,

Ready for some new dark fiction?

My new offers you an inexpensive magazine-like subscription for my fiction before anyone else sees it.

Each month (or less*) I’ll deliver to you one NEW story of varying length in digital download that is among my best.

Scroll down to look at some of the titles and covers:

Love Life, an upcoming story to debut via Be sure to join the community at for new short stories, novelettes, novellas and possible novels. If You Get Lost in the Woods, an upcoming story to debut via Rooms, Vast and Empty, a novelette by Douglas Clegg. The World on Butterfly - a novella by Douglas Clegg The Mermaid Cage by Douglas Clegg Bring Me the Head of Marie Antoinette by Douglas Clegg The Chateau of Devils by Douglas Clegg The Nightcomer by Douglas Clegg The Grove by Douglas Clegg  The Dollmaker of Venice by Douglas Clegg, a Dark Histories book.


There are more but you’d be scrolling forever. I’ve been working on some of these for years.

I will give you my best.

Get ALL the details here:

Horror. Gothic. Supernatural. Psychological Suspense.



*My goal is once per month but realistically some of these stories run long and may take 2-3 months before they’re ready. Those are likely to be at or close to the novella lengths.




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