Douglas Clegg

Lights Out in Trade Paperback

March 22nd, 2019

First Time in Print

Lights Out, the mega-collection of stories, is now out in a beautiful trade paperback edition (as well as in ebook editions). Get it at the Signed area of this website, under “Just Published Editions.”

Get Your Copy Signed & Inscribed – Click Here

To get it unsigned, hit this link to Amazon. 

➡ NOTE: I will not be signing copies bought unsigned at Amazon. I’m sorry. This would actually end up costing you more than if you just bought the book from me direct. For signed books, this is the page you want:

700+ pages, includes a Foreword, a never-before-collected novelette, 32 tales in all, plus an afterword and listing of first publication of the stories.

I’m very proud of this edition from Alkemara Press. It’s a beautiful trade paperback with very readable typeface.


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