Douglas Clegg
Mr. Darkness

Mr. Darkness

Mr. Darkness is approximately 250-270 pages in print (although this may change during final edits.)

Start reading the early draft of Mr. Darkness now — just go to the Free Reading area in the Blog, here.  Coming Soon (realistically in 2019).

About the Book

“My name is Mina. I’m broken in unseen places…” From New York Times bestselling author Douglas Clegg comes a strange, dark novel set at the crossroads of fable and reality, mythology and invention. Mina – the chronicler of the demise of House Grigsby – and her brother live high over the streets of Manhattan in a world illuminated by the dysfunctional wonderment of her eccentric parents.

They are an extraordinarily ordinary family – until Mina commits a terrible crime and a potentially dangerous woman named Leelah Castle comes into their lives…

“You may have heard of us…There’s some unfortunate fame attached to our family crest…”

The notorious Grigsby family curse pushes them over the edge – and into the depths of sunless realms below the streets, a place inhabited by both humans and…others.

Within this midnight-tinged country of train tunnels and subterranean waterfalls, the fragmented chronicle of an aeronaut named Marcus Drucker provides guideposts to the secrets of this underworld, and an odd boy with a glorious birthmark covering his face steals Mina’s most prized possession.

Genre: Gothic Dark Fable/Coming of Age/Literary