Douglas Clegg
Mordred, Dragon Prince

Mordred, Dragon Prince

Near-Future  Publication

From Doug: “With apologies, this book has been delayed. It’s not worth giving the reasons, just that it’s still on the table and still in play, but I have no publication date for you.”

About the Book

Mordred, Dragon Prince

Called the “Dragon Prince” because he’s the King’s bastard, raised among a pagan forest tribe, cast-out from his father’s world as a newborn, now he arrives to the shores of Britain.  Mordred, barely twenty, arrives to the kingdom of the Britons with the young bride of Arthur, and with Lancelot as escort. But what does he face coming into this world that destroyed his own mother? Will he be recognized by his father? Will those whom he loves most be his greatest betrayers?

A dazzling fantasy epic of love, betrayal, war, battles and a world of sorcery and fantastic beasts, The Chronicles of Mordred finally continue with Mordred, Dragon Prince.

A continuation of the series begun in Mordred, Bastard Son.