Douglas Clegg
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What Price Would You Pay to Bring Someone You Love Back from the Dead?

Isis, a novella by Douglas Clegg, from Alkemara Press. In print, the original hardcover was 120 pages. Now available in an entirely new ebook edition. This is a prequel novella to the Harrow series of novels.

From Publishers Weekly:

“Clegg (The Abandoned) expands the burgeoning backstory of his multivolume Harrow haunted house saga with this poignant chamber tragedy involving young Iris Catherine Villiers (who, as an adult, will become Isis Claviger, oracle of the spook-ridden Hudson Valley academy)…This potent novella, one of Clegg’s best, is both a stand-alone triumph and a powerful new chapter in his evolving series.”

From Fangoria:

“…a story of love, loss and longing…told with the beautiful prose of an old-fashioned Gothic era.”

From The Strand magazine:

“Haunting yet poignant, Isis is a work that should firmly place Clegg among the all-stars of horror such as Straub, Machen, LeFanu, and Stoker.”